by Maureen on April 6, 2015

Smash Through Your Fear of Rejection

Before jumping into the details, are you a person who is letting the fear of rejection hold you back? You wouldn’t be here if you don’t worry what other people think about you or your decisions or you say yes when you want to say no. The good news is, I can help you.


Do you miss out on opportunities because you’re afraid of being rejected?

How much money are you losing because of lost opportunities?

Do you behind your computer doing busy work because it’s safe?

Are you avoiding networking meetings because you’re uncomfortable?

Do you avoid conversations with those you think are of a higher status than you?   I used to do all that and more.

My fear of rejection was very strong.  Sometimes I’d go to network meetings feeling like I was going to throw up. It’s a terrible feeling but there is hope.


The good news is there IS a solution.

So, what’s happening?

Are you  scared to death of standing out in case you haven’t got what it takes? What if you aren’t as good as you’d like to think you are and you were just kidding yourself?

Wow, that’s scary, isn’t it?

I’ve been where you are. I know what that self doubt feels like and I know how paralysing it can be. And the fear of rejection feeds into that self doubt, keeping you stuck in in Groundhog Day situations like the one you’re in.


Are you doing things that will guarantee you won’t be successful, so at least you won’t have to deal with your fear of rejection?  So, you could be procrastinating, not taking the right action, wasting opportunities.

You know what you do. You know and but you’ve got no clue how to get past the fear.

Some people would call it sabotage, but I’m not like most people. I call it running conflicting programs.

One part of you wants the success, but another part doesn’t and you are continually engaged in this inner conflict, this tug of war which leaves you drained, annoyed at yourself and ultimately unsuccessful.  That fear of rejection is so strong and so powerful, and so limiting.

How does the fear of rejection stop you from making a difference in the world?  

How do you keep your amazing secret sauce in the bottle instead of on the plate? 

Maybe you don’t even know and that’s where I can help you like I’ve helped so many others.


  • What if you asked for joint ventures? Would that work in your business? If it would, what’s stopping you?
  • Does your elevator pitch sparkle with magic or is it lacklustre and ordinary even though you’re not?
  • What if you sent in regular press releases? What would your friends and family think?
  • What about calling up an organisation to offer your services?  Isn’t that cold calling?  What, you’d rather chew your arm off?  I’m hearing you.
  • What’s stopping you from telling the world about your secret sauce? Perhaps you haven’t even identified your own secret sauce yet.  That’s even worse.

Whoaa!! If any of those descriptions fit you, you are so in the right place. The Fear of Rejection is having its way with you.

So, why can’t I just get over it?

Well, if you are hiding or holding back because of the fear of rejection, then you are not alone.  The fear of rejection is hardwired in humans and is a throw back to cave days and tribal living when being excluded from the tribe meant certain death.  So, it’s no wonder this is such a strong fear and one that is often so difficult to break, until now.

Today, we find our own tribe, but not until we can spruik our message to the world.  Today your tribe doesn’t have to be five minutes away.  They can be the other side of the world, but they have to find you and they can’t if you’re hiding behind an outdated fear, afraid to shine your light or showcase who you are.

They can’t if you are afraid to ask for the sale or charge what you’re worth. They can’t find you if are reluctant to self promote.

Your ideal clients and customers can’t find you in sufficient numbers unless your own sense of self is strong enough to withstand the rejection of putting yourself out there.

Some people claim that if your Y is big enough, you’ll do what it takes to be successful, yet I found that wasn’t enough for me and I’m guessing it isn’t enough for you either.   And it’s all to do with those troublesome beliefs around the need to be accepted and liked by everyone.

You adopted them as part of your programming when you were too young to realise it doesn’t matter if some people reject you or don’t choose you. Those old programs are stuck in there and need serious updating.

So, how can I help?

Well, here’s what I won’t do if you decide to work with me. I’m a Mindset Coach who won’t ask you to change your mind about anything, because it’s not necessary.  You will though learn a couple of ‘woo woo’ mindset techniques that automatically dissolve your old fear around rejection.

I will never ask you to push through the fear, toughen up or ‘feel the fear and do it anyway,’ because I wouldn’t do any of those things, so why should you.  Anyway, you don’t have to.  There are easier ways to outgrow the fear of rejection.

Instead, working with me means using the latest developments in the field of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change based on exposure to new information.  The difference being that the Mindset Upgrades I have developed are delivered in such a way that resistance from the conscious mind is bypassed, which makes change fast, effective and permanent.

The truth is you will never reach your full potential or enjoy the level of success you desire or make a real difference in the world until the fear of rejection is completely eliminated. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how amazing your product or service is, how much of a difference it could make, it will never happen to the extent you know it could while you worry about the opinions of others, while you are still people pleasing, while your feelings can be so easily trampled on and while you allow yourself to feel so hurt and while you take rejection personally.

A Mindset Upgrade on the Fear of Rejection

Mindset magic does much more than smash through your fear.  An Upgrade is a short, highly targeted one on one coaching package that takes you to a whole new level of confidence, minus the self doubt.

It takes you to  a place of unlimited confidence. You know people like that, and you’ve seen how far they can go when they are completely aligned with their message and completely at ease with who they are. That’s the power of a Mindset Upgrade.

So, then way I see it, you have two choices. You could keep knocking yourself out doing more of the same and continue to be surprised when you get the same result or you could join me for a fast and effective Mindset Upgrade which could turn the Fear of Rejection into Fearless and Beyond.



“In 15 minutes I can teach you how not to take rejection personally.  It simply means they are not a match for you.  Nothing else.” Madonna Robinson


“Awesome session today with Madonna Robinson. Do you have a fear of Rejection? I did. I had a fear of being seen as weird, a fear of being seen! After just one session with Madonna, I feel ready to take on the world. I am ready to been seen. I am ready to be heard.  I now have the skills to keep that fear of rejection at bay and not let it back in. Thank you Madonna Robinson, I am truly grateful.”  Mary Kerr, Angel Wings Wellbeing

“I had my first session today and can’t thank you enough! Madonna guided me effortlessly to my deepest fears and helped me release my fears of rejection, failing and “what will my parents think”. And all in 30 minutes. I have used these techniques before for other issues and cant recommend them and Madonna Robinson enough! So thank you, Thank you for your help! x   Oh, and of course posted an Isagenix post straight after our session ;  no fear! Because that stuff really works!”  Cat   Catherine Godward, Isagenix Consultant


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I Hate Buffet Restaurants

by Maureen on July 14, 2013

When I lived in the states, buffet restaurants were in every town and were certainly King and Queen in Las Vegas where the “Buffet and a Show” was on every visitor’s schedule.  The problem is, I hate a buffet restaurant.

buffet restaurant

I don’t care if they do have the big fat yeast rolls or enough food to fill Aunt Martha who weighs 300 lbs.  It just feels like bellying up to the trough.  No, I like my food brought to my table that’s been set with real dishes, cloth napkins and served with a nice glass of wine.

Cooking at home is no problem for me.  I like to cook and I’m pretty good at it, so when I go out to eat I want food better than I can make at home.  The buffet style restaurant just doesn’t cut it for a foodie.

I was invited to dinner at a local Chinese buffet restaurant the other day by a good friend who REALLY wanted to go there.  She said she was dying of hunger and could eat half of everything they served.

How do I say, “Sorry, can’t be bothered, find someone else”?

I didn’t.  I went along.

Honestly, I knew better that it wouldn’t end well.  And it didn’t.

We arrived and the place was 3/4 full which said that maybe I’d been wrong and maybe the food was pretty good.  I hadn’t realized that it was nearly full because it was school holidays and the winter holidays are when the folks who can’t afford to travel come to Queensland.  Yes, the place was filled with holiday makers who couldn’t afford more than an all-you-can-eat joint.

After being seated we were given plates and headed to the “trough.”  The man in front of me must have been 7′ tall and weighed way more than he should.  He was filling two plates.  He looked at me and said, “Someone my size eats a lot.”


Then he sneezed and dropped one of his plates on the floor – all over one of my shoes.  I know, I should be grateful that it wasn’t both shoes but still, his germ laden food on my foot was gross.  I gave him one of those, “oh well” little laughs and tried to step around him so I could get to the food without any sneeze on it and stepped on something slippery and down I went.  I was fine but my dignity was definitely bruised.

So now I had a shoe covered in food and my bottom was now the same way.  Oh good.  What fun.

My friend?  She was on the other side and came through unscathed and ungermed.

I took enough food to last me until I got home and I watched as Jamie ate until I was sure she was going to explode.

“Oh, it’s so good,” she kept saying as if that was reason for going back for visit number three.  The food wasn’t that good, my shoe was ruined and my dignity was still in tatters with food all over my backside.

Remind me about this night if I ever say I’m going to a buffet again.

Have you always enjoyed a buffet?  Have I ruined it for you?


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