Can Women “Have it All?”

good dadI recently read an article asking that question and it instantly angered me.  Actually it didn’t say women, it said why can only half the population have it all – that’s the bit that did the damage for me. With more than 80% of families having working parents, it’s time that child rearing was considered a two parent job and housework was a family affair.

Why do we assume that only mothers need to ask for time off to take Johnny to the dentist or Molly to get her broken arm set? Why are we still asking why women still do the cooking, the cleaning, the washing, the ironing and the shopping?  I live with a man. I married him and he was a man back then too. He has never treated me anything other than as an equal.

He was a hands-on dad who never missed an event at school or anywhere else that his son was doing something. He supports me in anything I want to do, treats me as an equal in our business and has never said anything that he couldn’t take back. I’m lucky and I know it and I also know there aren’t heaps of women who can say that.

How many times have you heard it asked how a woman does it all being a wife, mother and job holder. Lots. How many times have you heard it said about a man? None. That’s because it’s assumed that the little woman will do all the work at home so he can go out and slay dragons all day. Hoop bloody do. Times have changed but society hasn’t caught up with it yet.

Parents should teach the children how a good family works by being one. Both men and women can have it all but both partners have to do their part. Women shouldn’t get less out of life so their husbands or partners can have more.

Can we have it all? Damn straight we can.