About Me

Life’s too brief to take yourself too seriously, so I don’t.  I’m short – my feet barely touch the ground and I AM old but only on the outside.  I’m a crap dancer and I can’t sing.  Some would call me useless but that’s before they sat down to dinner.

I grew up in a small town in Central Maine where I excelled in digging snow caves in the winter and tipping over sailboats in the summer.  After high school I went to the University of Tennessee where schools closed when it snowed – amazing.  Once I finished there I did the work  thing and ended up as a general manager for a work glove manufacturing company for ten years.   I left there and worked for a company in Florida who did promotional t-shirts and my job was buying yarn, getting it knit into fabric and finally getting it sewn into shirts by contract factories.  At the same time I did the kids gig.

One day after the children were grown and living on their own, I met a lovely man through a local bulletin board system who lived in Australia .  Several months later I went 10,000 miles for our first date and it was the best thing I ever did.  I kept him.

Cooking is a passion for me and I created a blog at OrgasmicChef.com to share my recipes and photos with my grown children back in the states.  Who knew others might like what I did?  Total surprise but I’ve made some fantastic friends.

The husband (that would be the lovely Australian man) is a crafty programmer and writes all the code for my blog including EasyRecipe, our new food blog plugin.  We both love to travel and hope one day to buy a boat to float around in.

We live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia (an hour north of Brisbane) and separately we have three children and together we have a dog named Charlie and two cats, Tallulah and Lucy.  Life is good.

This blog is for me to expound on anything that comes to mind.  I’m Maureen Shaw and this is my blog.