Avoid Divorce by Doing All the Housework?

Gimme a break and give it to me right now.  Anna Klenke wrote an article on care2.com about a recent Norwegian stufy that found that divorce rates for couple are 50 per cent higher than for couples where the wife did all the housework.

Shall I guess that the study was done by all men?

wife doing all the choresThe theory is that women should be household slaves because men will never help and the nagging probably drives the man into the arms of a woman who will clean up after him, cook his food, clean his clothes, mow the lawn, take out the garbage and wash the car.  If she does all that so he can sit in his favorite chair watching the wrestling, he will happily stay at home.

What hogwash!

Thomas Hansen, co-author of the study, suggests that, “The more a man does in the home, the higher divorce rate.”  Frankly,  if my husband doesn’t want to pick up after himself I would just as soon he left anyway.  Good riddance to a pig and now I can live in a clean house without having to pick up his dirty socks and undies.

Apparently Mr. Hansen accepts the notion that anything having to do with child rearing or the home is “a woman’s role” and you can “easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one is feeling that the other isn’t pulling his or her own weight.”  Well duh!

If that’s the way things go, I’d much rather do HIS role and he can do mine and then see how quickly he heads for the hills.  My husband doesn’t like to do chores — never has.  He has never quarreled or refused to help but his solution was pretty simple.  When we first started living together he decided that hiring a cleaner to do all the household chores would make us both more productive.

Works for me.

A man that would leave his wife and children because he’s too lazy to share cleaning up is a man not worth having anyway. Slavery died out a long time ago and if that’s the price for keeping peace, bring on the war.

Do you share chores?

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