Beau-ti-ful Brake Foot

AAMI insurance has certainly hit a winner with their Rhonda and Ketut series.  We can’t get enough of them!  It started all right with Rhonda getting a good driver award but that was just setting us up for her trip to Bali.  Every time I meet a woman named Rhonda I check out her right foot just to see if it looks like she has a beautiful brake foot.

The line that really gets me though, is “Rhonda is mine.”

In the next commercial, Rhonda meets Ketut, the bar attendant at her hotel in Bali.  If you’re not a Rhonda and Ketut fan, watch this video and you will be.  In the newest ad, things are hotting up for them!  Will they or won’t they do the naughty?  We’ll have to watch to find out.  Rhonda’s looking very hot today so just maybe…

 There’s even a Facebook page called The sexual tension between Katut and Rhonda.  It’s got over 109,000 likes!  Regardless how you spell Ketut or Katut, the advertising series is a winner.

If you’re visiting Bali you’ll be able to find souvenir t-shirts that say, “Rhonda is mine”, “I have a beautiful brake foot” and “I love Rhonda.”  People are buying them and then posting photos wearing the shirts to the Facebook page.

Rhonda is played by Aussie actress Mandy McElhinney, who has appeared in “Howzat!” where she plays the late Kerry Packer’s secretary as well as  in TV series MDA, Kath & Kim and the Robert Connolly-directed film The Bank.  Ketut is Kadek Mahardika, who is a part-time forklift driver in Melbourne and only auditioned at the urging of a friend. We’re glad he did.

The ad, produced by BADJAR Ogilvy, is one of the most successful ad campaigns in recent memory.  Rhonda is a normal looking woman that everyone can relate to and everyone seems to like her.  Well done.  We’ve never had a soap opera commercial that I have enjoyed this much.

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