Blogging, Grammar and Pet Peeves

blogging, grammar and pet peevesBlogging is all about communication — I get that.  If you write something and I understand it, that’s communication.  At what point should grammar and composition enter in the scale of importance?

I’m no English teacher.  I went to university to become a teacher and once I finished I realized how much I hated being a teacher.  Teaching would be great except there are all those kids!  I make my own mistakes and I do regret every silly typo and grammatical error, honestly.  I can live with the occasional oops, we all make them.  It’s the blogs that make the same silly mistakes over and over again.

Things that make my eyes roll when I read blogs:

  • Never capitalizing the letter i when speaking in the first person.  “When i think of what we did on saturday nite I laugh.”
    Makes me want to get the ruler and slap ’em on the fingers. Capitalize the letter I and the letter S in Saturday please.
  • Apostrophes.  “There were several mum’s and dad’s at the park.”
    Seriously, people, an apostrophe is all about possession and if those mums and dads don’t own the park, leave the apostrophe off.
  • Bad spelling.  “I rembember being at the park and mediatating for 20 minutes.”
    Yes, I understand she remembered being at the park and when she was there she was meditating but I had to change thoughts from what she wanted me to understand to “why didn’t she spell check, it’s a great article but could be so much better.”
  • Comments.  “I really love your comments, please leave one.”
    Then they make you jump through hoops to do it.  First you have to join Disqus or some other thing or you have to be logged in to WordPress or Google.  If you make me work for it, you’ll have to do without my comment.
  • PopUps. “Enter your name and email address to join my list and get this book so I can capture your email address.”
    This is popped up right in the middle of the front page. How do I know if I like you yet and then you make me hunt for the secret x to close the window. I choose to leave.  Just ask me nicely to join, don’t scream at me. Maybe we can be friends.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA
    I don’t mind if I can read it but if I put it in once and I get it wrong, I’ll try again.  If you use one of those super tricky ones, I give up.  Nobody’s blog is worth that much of my time. If you use Akismet, do you really get that much spam anyway?
  • No social share buttons.
    After putting a post up saying that nobody ever “pins” your photos or shares them on Facebook or Twitter.  It’s because you make it like work.  Add the freakin buttons.
  • Load time.
    The faster your blog loads, the faster I can read it and the faster I can leave a comment.  Check your cache plugins – they’re usually the culprit.
  • No sign up by email.
    I like your blog but I can’t be bothered with RSS.  I check my mail, click to open your blog, read, comment and go away.  It works for me and I’m not alone.
  • Stupid tagline.
    “Just Another WordPress Site” is never going to make you a cent, folks.  It’s on the WordPress settings page under General and it’s a great spot for keywords.

I could go on but I know you’re bored.  What peeves you about blogs?

11 thoughts on “Blogging, Grammar and Pet Peeves

  1. Have you been reading my mind Maureen? I have to admit, I struggle with typo’s myself. Other pet peeves include: Walls of text without subheadings (I love how you’ve displayed this blog, very easy on the eye); seeing the word ‘uncategorized’ at the bottom (putting a blog in a category makes it easy for the reader to stick on your site for longer); headlines that don’t really mean anything or don’t indicate what’s ‘inside’. I’ll stop there, but I could go on. I think you covered most of mine!
    Blessings, Krishna xx

    • We all make typos but we don’t make the same ones every time. I had my nails done this week and they’re longer than I’m used to and I’ve suffered all week. 🙂

      I have a friend with a food blog who writes lovely stories ahead of a great recipe. Instead of putting the recipe in the subject line, she uses a clever phrase about the story. Nobody is ever going to google what she did over the weekend. I’d love to tell her but then I wonder, “maybe that’s what she wants,” so I keep my mouth shut.

      Thanks for the comments on the blog. I’m no designer but I give it a go. 🙂

  2. Good read. You got my pet peeve right up there. There is an enormous difference between mediating and meditating, mediation and meditation and it’s such a common typo that really requires a re-read in order to understand the sentence. I just want to immediately pull out my red pen and make the correction…but that would probably be a problem since I’m on my computer 🙂 (and yes, I’m checking my spelling before I hit submit). Ann-Mhayra x

  3. I have to agree with you Maureen on all counts. I admit to being a bit of a stickler for the use of correct English, having been an English teacher. The other things you mentioned are a problem as well.

    • Thanks for the comment Madonna. I don’t nitpick as a rule but some things tend to annoy, especially if they can be picked up with a quick spellcheck. At the end of the day though, it’s communication and if I can understand it, the point gets through. 🙂

  4. Capital I – It depends where i am typing by blog, If it is word then it will do auto correct, if it is on the iPad then directly on the screen it will auto correct, if using the keypad it doesn’t and i’m sorry i’m just not going to hit the shift key every half a dozen words.
    Heading: They break the flow of a blog for me so i don’t like using them unless it is absolutely necessary.
    Discus – I started using this as it was simple and didn’t need signing up for, never had a drama with it, great to use in the back end too.
    Captcha: annoys me to the point of not commenting.
    My pet peeve is “Your comment is awaiting moderation” unless you have someone sitting at the computer checking every 30 seconds to approve my comment, which is highly unlikely, get rid of it and approve them all. You can always come back and edit or delete comments if you don’t like them.

  5. Hmmm didn’t realise your blog had a “your comment is awaiting moderation” feature on it when i wrote that pet peeve …. and Yep it did frustrate me that i have to wait to see it approved and visible for all to see.

    • I have moderation set that I approve the first one and all others are instantly posted. I’ve found that this means I have no spam on the site. I’m not sure why but I get heaps even on a brand new blog like this one. Thanks for catching the time. I hadn’t even noticed I hadn’t set it. 🙂

  6. Maureen, love this! I read quite a few blogs this week that had “your” instead of “you’re” and did not want to share the posts because of the stupid errors. However, I then had to take the plank out of my own eye when I noticed I’d made the same mistake on my blog post the other day. I was mortified. I’ve since corrected the error. I hate pop-ups too! I very rarely subscribe via them. Well done on a great post and there were very few grammatical errors! : )

    • Hi Cas and thanks for the comment. I do have trouble because while I have an Australian passport, I’m a yank and all my family and old friends are still there. My brain thinks in American English so no “whilst” rolling off my tongue and I think in hood, trunk and ketchup. 🙂

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