Facebook Breach of Etiquette – Photo Tagging

Maybe troll is an inaccurate term but I confronted one this week on Facebook.  I met this woman on a group I belong to and I commented on something she wrote and she asked me to become a friend.  It happens to us all and I said yes.

green foodThen she posted on my Facebook page that she was really glad to become friends because she ADORED my blog.  That was the first time I thought maybe this was a bit off the planet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like it when people say they like my blog.  To be honest, I love it when that happens but I’ve never wanted anyone to adore it.

Two days later and she tagged a photo as being of me so it would show up in my photo gallery and on my time line.  Not cool.  If I had been IN the photo, well I could understand  but it was a photo of something not quite resembling food and there it was in pride of place in the center of my Facebook timeline.

When people look at my food photos I want them to imagine how good it is and frankly, I want people to wish they could lick the screen.  (it doesn’t work, I tried) I saw this photo of green goo and wanted to cry.

I haven’t been using Facebook all that long and I had no idea how to get that off my page so I ignored it.  Bad decision on my part.  Must have been a bad decision on quite a few peoples’ part because she tagged about 30 people as being IN that photo.

I kept grumbling to myself about it but again, I did nothing and then today – I get an email from Facebook saying she’d tagged another photo of me.  Now it was war.  Just like last time, I was one of about 15 other food bloggers with this poor excuse for food on our pages and in our photo albums.

What the food is, I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.  It doesn’t look appetizing and it’s totally out of focus.  It might be delicious but we’ll never know.  So I’m sorry I can’t tell you what’s in it.  It was accompanied by a request to like her page but no clue as to what it was.

I asked around in a group I’m in and it is considered poor form to tag people in photos they are not in.  Each respondent said they’d block this person and gave me the nifty instructions on how to do it.  You click the edit/delete button and untag yourself and then go to the photo album and remove the photo and then unfriend the person who did it.  I took it one step further and unliked her as well.  I can’t see we’ll ever be besties.

This is the first time I’ve had a problem using social media and I’ve never had a problem on my food blog at Orgasmic Chef.  Have you ever been confronted with bullying, unkindness or creepiness?

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