My Daily Blogging Routine

weekly plannerOr lack thereof.  I have two blogs and an online business that needs lots of support as well as a daily blog post so scheduling my time is really important to me.  I decided yesterday that I needed to do a bit of a google on what other full time bloggers try to get done every day.

I knew I shouldn’t have looked at schedules by men but those were what came  up first in my search.  One guy’s schedule went like this:

5:45  Take dog for walk
6:10   Shower
6:30  Meditate
7:00  Breakfast
7:15   Answer important emails or delegate
7:45   Read books, RSS or favorite bloggers via email
8:45  Coffee break
9:00  Log in to social media and share, retweet and connect with others
9:30  Check yesterday’s stats, site rankings, SEO positions
9:45  Plan the day
10:00 Research the day’s post and search stock photos or get the camera
10:30  Write post
noon  Go out to lunch
1:30  Finish blog post
2:00  Promote blog post
3:00  Answer emails
4:00  Log in to social media and share, retweet and connect with others
5:00  Power nap
6:00  Take dog for walk
6:30  Watch news
7:00  Dinner
7:20  Check income for the day
7:30  Watch television
10:00 Check email and blog comments
10:30  sleep

Now I don’t know about you but I’d LOVE to have a schedule like this, wouldn’t you?  Note there’s not one minute toward cleaning up after himself, no laundry, no vacuuming, no toilets being cleaned, no food shopping, no getting the car serviced, no mowing the lawn, no floors mopped – I could go on but it would make me cry.

Canal living means all the windows waterside must be washed every week or so, and more so with dog kisses at knee height.  And seriously, how can two people create a mountain of laundry every week and they go nowhere?

I’m a food blogger which means there’s a lot of cooking preceded by food shopping going on.  Then there’s the photographs.  A food blog lives and dies by its photos.  I don’t care how spectacular the recipe is, if the photos are shit, you’re wasting your time.  I don’t like to waste anything so I spend a lot of time on the food and the photos.

I didn’t see any time in this guy’s schedule for commenting.  I find leaving comments means a lot to my blog so I answer them on my blog and then I visit the person who left the comment and return the favour.  I can get up to 50 comments on a blog so that’s a lot of time reading other blogs and commenting back.

Perhaps I should sleep less but if I do, I get less done because I spend much of the day yawning.  Maybe I need household help to get all the chores done.  I’ll need to start earning money from my blog for that to happen.  🙂

Anyone got great tips for time management for bloggers?

  1.  7am get up, visit the loo and head to my office (no I don’t dress yet)
  2.  Do site work on business website that actually earns money and bores me to tears
  3.  Answer email
  4.  Put a load of wash on
  5.  Tidy up the living room (still not dressed) & the kitchen
  6. Shower, do my hair and makeup, get dressed. Yes, it’s 21 minutes whether I hurry or not.
  7. Water my pots of herbs.
  8. Log in to Facebook and Twitter and check private messages
  9.  Hang laundry and empty dishwasher
  10. Finish social media
  11. Do site work on business site
  12. Write daily business site blog
  13. Check blog comments and blogs I follow
  14. Make, eat lunch and clean up
  15. quick vacuum downstairs or scrub a toilet
  16. toss the ball to the dog… usually in the pool.  him not me
  17. Do site work on business site
  18. prep recipe ingredients
  19. start cooking
  20. photograph
  21. optimise photos
  22. write post
  23. fold laundry and clean up the mess in the kitchen
  24. check emails and social media (thankfully I have two monitors)
  25. Do site work on business site
  26. Walk the dog
  27. Cook dinner
  28. Eat dinner while watching the news
  29. Do site work on business site
  30. Check social media
  31. Visit blogs I follow which have updated since the morning
  32. Check blog comments and respond
  33. Check emails
  34. Take dog out to make sure he piddles before bedtime
  35. Tidy up, give bedtime treats to the dog and the cats
  36. Shower and brush teeth or just brush teeth
  37. Fall into bed and watch the Daily Show and Colbert
  38. Remember that I should have meditated first thing in the morning
  39. Remember that I forgot to do 50 things that should have been done
  40. Finally fall asleep.

It’s 12:34 am as I’m writing this (will post tomorrow) and it’s time to take the dog out and fall into bed.  I need a better schedule.  Notice there is no time in there for fun or sex.  I read this over and thought, “imagine if I had kids?”   I have NO idea how you young mums get it all done.


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