perseveranceIf anyone ever asked me what the secret to success is, it would have to be perseverance.  I used to be a quitter.  yeah, that’s me with QUITTER written on my forehead when you look up failure.  I never failed as much as I just quit.  I figured quitting was less painful than failing because I didn’t have the belief I was good enough to succeed.

I can’t say I wasn’t successful because I was.  I started out with a great job in the states and was one of the highest paid women in Knoxville where I lived.  I also started 3 companies with partners and walked away from all three of them when my partners became difficult.

Then 18 years ago I met John.  If I ever met anyone who was more like a dog with a bone, I don’t know who it could be.  He’s taught me to never give up.  He’s been a programmer all his life and through his work there are always little coding glitches and bugs – we’ve all come across them.  I’ve always said I’d have a tough time being a coder because my attention span can be no longer than a gnat’s fart sometimes. “oh, see that bird?  what’s it doing in the water” and off I’d go.

Not John.  If he’s got a problem he’ll work at it 14 hours without stopping until he finds it and he always finds it.  He swears that he’s not all that clever but he succeeds because he never lets a problem get the best of him.  Perhaps he’s just overcompetitive?

A while back when things were really dicey for us financially (not that they’re a whole lot better now) I was at the point of throwing my hands up and going to live in a tent in the woods (we don’t own a tent).  John put his arms around me and said “Giving up is for losers and we’re not losers and if we lose everything, we’ll still be ahead because then we’ll have learned an important lesson in what not to do again.  If we stop now, we’ll never get anywhere.”

I know..  “awww.”  I did not awww.  I think I said something about how he drove me up the effn wall with his ability to keep going and keep going with a smile in spite of all the wreckage around him.  I suspect I used bad words too.


I didn’t give up.  I get up every morning and I get my fingers clicking and every day gets easier and every day I do a little bit better than the day before.  I know I’m clever – I’m 100% confident in my ability to do anything I want but I have learned that perseverence is the key.  People with little education have gone on to make squillions of dollars so it’s not all about schoolin’ – it’s all about not taking your ball and going home.  I love what I do and I’m beginning to like pouring out my soul at the end of every day.

There’s an old proverb that says it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow so maybe it’s time to let that sun shine through.

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