Do You Cringe at Making Cold Calls?

I confess that I’m if not the worst, I’m 2nd to the top of the list of the worst when it comes to making cold calls.  I would rather clean toilets in a bad service station than make a cold call – see what I mean?

A few weeks ago, my friend Madonna Robinson invited me for coffee and we’ve become good friends.  During one of our conversations she told me that what she’d really like is a new website to promote her ability to teach people how to make cold calls without fear.  My eyes opened really wide and I said, “Seriously, is it possible?  I’ve always been so uncomfortable calling someone I don’t know to sell them something they think they don’t need.”

She looked at me with the most confident face I’ve ever seen and said, “I’m 100% convinced I can teach anyone to cold call without fear.”

So I said, “Fine, if you are that convinced, I’ll help you build your site.”

Col Calling Without FearI’m not a commercial web designer and I’m not a commercial marketing expert but I’ve been working online since 1995 and in all that time I’ve learned a thing or three.  I’ve made a lot of money through web businesses and to get there I had to make every mistake in the book and learn from it.

Back in 1995 there were no rules, etiquette, spam, licensed photography or any guidelines whatsoever.  Those of us in the beginning had to forge our way through by trial and error.

My husband has been a programmer all his life so it was easier for us than some.  He says I’m not to be trusted with technology because I’m not afraid to touch break anything. So sometimes I do break things.  It seems I have an “it’s broken” voice when I yell, “Joooohhhhnnnn!”  I must have because when I say that I get, “What did you break this time, dear?”

Back to Madonna.  I asked her what sort of website she’d like and she pointed out a website that I thought looked awful. It was a design I would call “first generation” as in that’s what sites looked like in 1995.

I convinced her to go with a Thesis theme for WordPress because it’s what I use and I know it quite well and then she chose the color scheme, the column arrangement, the widgets at the bottom and then she went off to get her domain.

I helped with the setup and the header and John programmed the join my list and get my book free thingo to work automatically with MailChimp and the rest was all done by Madonna herself.  She even set up the PayPal linkage herself.  I knew she coud do it.

If you’re like me and have considered cleaning the servo’s toilets rather than make a cold call to boost your business, go over to Call Reluctance Queen and sign up to get her book for free.  I’m sure you’ll agree she has a terrific writing style.  I can’t wait for the full book to be written and to read the testimonials I know are going to come.