Good lord you’d think I was pregnant with the cravings I’ve been having lately.  Like today – John asked what we were having for dinner and I gave a mental note of what we had in the freezer that I could magically thaw because I hadn’t given a moment’s notice to dinner planning.  Some days are like that.  I love to cook but if I’m busy with a project or work, I’ve got a one track mind.

rainbow beefAs I was thinking what would be really easy (yes, even orgasmic chefs need a break) I said, “Remember that place in Maroochydore where we had that crispy beef with plum sauce?  That’s what I want for dinner, but I’ll scrounge something up downstairs.”

A few minutes later he said, “Belly Good?”

“Yes, that’s the place, on Duporth Avenue.”

“Let’s go get what you’re craving and we can call it a date.  I take you to the best places.”

I WAS craving and no, that’s not on the list of best places but I really wanted that beef.  I could close my eyes and taste it.  Turns out it’s called Rainbow Beef and it tasted just as good as I remembered it did the first time I ate it. We don’t normally go out and rarely do we eat fast food and Belly Good is probably the Chinese McDonalds but I really wanted this dish.

Usually I build something up in my mind and when I have it again I think, “why was I craving this?  remind me.”  Not this time.  I looked at my big plate of gooey, crispy redness and reached for the chopsticks.

Finishing a plate of food is something I’m not often capable of and I’ll admit that John helped me eat a fair bit of it but the plate was completely empty by the time we left there.  I think of it and sigh – it was exactly what I wanted.

Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to feed your cravings.  It’s especially okay when it coincides with a date night.

Do you have food or beverage cravings?  I wonder where in our brains cravings come from and then I wonder, “Are cravings silly?  “