In Canberra for #HumanBrochure 2012

It’s been a long day. We didn’t get to bed until nearly 1 and had to be up at 5 to finish packing and drive to Brisbane for our flight to Canberra. We had a few hours to wander on our own and we found a lovely cafe in Manuka near our hotel and had a lovely lunch.


The festivities began at 6pm when we all loaded on 5 buses and headed to the War Memorial for a welcome from Ian Hill, the mastermind behind this world-first project as well as a welcome from the staff at the War memorial.

Australian War Memorial

We headed in to the museum and if you haven’t been to Canberra or if you’ve been to Canberra and missed this place, go back. It’s a world class museum that honors the sacrifices of those who’ve gone before to ensure our freedom to live as we choose. After a glass of wine, first on offer for canapes were fresh prawn rolls and they were really fresh and filled with prawns and herbs.

There were several presentations, a lot of “oh that’s YOUR blog, I love it!” and more and more and more food. The chicken satay sticks were perfectly cooked. You know how you can get them and the chicken is tough and hard to eat? No matter how good the sauce is, if the chicken is tough, it’s crap. This was really well done. I didn’t have any but the lamb chops were wonderful. Everyone was raving but by the time they came out, I was full. I did have a memory of them because someone dribbled sauce down the back of John’s jacket.

I had a lovely conversation with Annabel Candy who was visiting from the Sunshine Coast with her children. @rhubarbwhine, Shirley from was on the bus from the airport with us and it was so great to put a name to a face. She’s even more lovely in person if you can believe it.

I even met a fellow food blogger from Sydney who had the most amazing shoes! Have a gander at the personality you’d need to wear these. 🙂

I'm So Hungree