expats voteI’m a dual citizen of the United States where I was born and lived until I was past 40 and of Australia where I now live. I was reading some Facebook posts recently by a friend of mine who’s also an American expat and lives in France. She has a candidate that she supports wholeheartedly in the November election and her passion made me realize that I hadn’t even requested a ballot.

By comparison, I’m a pretty poor example of someone who really thinks it’s a privilege to vote.  I changed all that today by requesting my ballot.

Dear Supervisor of Elections in Orange County, Florida,

Please don’t lose my request and send it along post haste.



To my friend Jamie Schler who’s working hard remodeling her new home in Nantes, France, thanks for reminding me what being American is all about.  Even though we aren’t physically on US soil, there’s a part of us that will always feel American.

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